1. Poor Customer Service

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of professional service you receive at your automotive repair facility?

  1. Does your repair facility communicate with you properly so that you are not left "up in the air" regarding the status of the repairs to your vehicle?
  2. Are you ever "surprised" at the final bill?
At Morrison's Auto-Rite we've taken customer service to the next level. That's why we offer:

Three Dedicated Customer Service Advisors
All have an automotive repair background so they can communicate to you in easy to understand language making sure you understand all the "nuts and bolts" of what is being done to your car.

A No-Surprise Guarantee
You don't want surprises when it comes to your car and neither do we. So our No- Surprise Guarantee ensures that you will never have an automotive surprise. Here's the five easy steps to our No-Surprise Guarantee:

Step 1 - You leave your vehicle on the day of scheduled appointment between 8:00 am and 9:00 am

Step 2 - A Customer Service Advisor will call you on or before 12:05 pm with a complete diagnosis of your car repair, providing you with an estimate to complete the work.*

Step 3 - We guarantee the cost of all repairs will fall within the quoted estimate. If an unexpected problem arises with your vehicle, we will call you with an easily understood - no-nonsense explanation of what is necessary to complete the repair.

Step 4 - Once your car repairs are completed, a customer service advisor will call you to inform you of the job completion and review what has been done to your vehicle.

Step 5 - When you pick up your vehicle, a Customer Service Advisor will review the work order with you line by line and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If it was necessary to replace parts in your vehicle, we will show you the part that has been replaced and what the new part looks like so you will understand the repairs performed. Also, you will be informed of any unresolved repair issues that should be addressed in the future.

*Drivability problems & computer problems excluded

Free Oil Changes For The Life of The Relationship
We offer this free oil change to our loyal customers who use us for all their automotive needs as our way of saying thank you for making Morrison's Auto-Rite your choice for your maintenance and repair needs.

This is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers who choose Morrison's Auto-Rite for their maintenance and repair needs.

Referral Program
We believe in rewarding customers who refer us to their friends, neighbors and relatives. That's why we have started the Morrison's Referral Program. We will reward you with gift certificates for referring our repair shop to others who could benefit from the valuable service we provide.

Clean, professional environment

We believe the appearance of our repair facility and the professionalism of our employees is a direct reflection of the type of work we perform. You will always be treated with the utmost in courtesy and respect.

If You Want Your Vehicle Fixed Right, In One Day, With No Surprises, By ASE Certified Technicians . . . Call Morrison's Auto-Rite

Whose fault is it when you're not satisfied with the level of professionalism and service you receive from your automotive repair garage? We say it's the garage's fault. We understand that who you trust your car with for repairs and maintenance is an important step for you. That's why at Morrison's Auto-Rite we have committed ourselves to overcoming every problem you may face at other repair facilities. It makes taking your vehicle for repairs and maintenance a stress free, enjoyable experience.

We invite you to experience the Morrison's Auto-Rite difference at no risk. Please call now to schedule your FREE oil change (a $44.95 value. First time customers only).

Even if you're not quite ready to make the change and try our repair facility, stop in for a no- obligation, complimentary oil change, then decide. (First time customers only) If you're satisfied with our approach to servicing your vehicle, then make Morrison's Auto-Rite your first choice for all your automotive needs.


Robert Morrison
Fred Morrison
Michael Gallagher

Before Deciding Which Automotive Repair Facility Is Right For You
Here's What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying About Morrison's Auto-Rite

My wife and I as a family have been customers at Morrison's Auto-Rite for over 16 years. Individually my wife has been a satisfied customer for over 20 years. As a single female in her earlier years of being a customer. there was no better place for her to have her car serviced. It was, and still is, a place of honest business that would completely explain in simple terms what was wrong and how to fix it. They would even keep the old parts to show her if she did not understand.

Once we were committed as a couple, she convinced me to leave my own mechanic and go to Morrison's. It was the best move I ever made. The service was, and still is, outstanding. They treat us like one of their family. On short notice, they work very hard to fit you in. I have NEVER been dissatisfied. Their service is fast, very efficient, and reasonably priced. They work hard to keep you updated as to the status of your repairs, keep in close contact with you to let you know if there were any other problems or recommendations as to what they found or should be done so as to reduce unnecessary costs and problems in the future.

Overall, one could not find better service or treatment anywhere. The employees of Morrison's Auto-Rite are a unique bunch, one could consider them one big family and they pass that feeling on to their customers. They treat you as if you are a family member, they know you by name, they give you that personal touch that seems to have been lost in the genera of society today.

For years now my wife and I have recommended them to many people, and will continue to do so in the future. The responses we have received back from friends and neighbors who now use them are nothing but exemplary. In today's world, a trustworthy mechanic is probably one of the most valued assets that the average working person could ever have, and you will only find that with the crew at Morrison's Auto-Rite !!!!

Jan and John Crowley
Jamaica Plain

As another small business owner in Jamaica Plain, I feel compelled to applaud the service I have received from Morrison's Auto-Rite over the last 25 years. One of the most important assets a service business can have is a quality vendor. Bing able to rely on a company to deliver their service on time is indeed an asset to my company. Morrison's Auto-Rite has always completed work on my vehicles in a professional manner, in the time allotted, and for the price quoted.

Unrelated to the service but showing sensitivity to the neighbors and customers your shop is immaculately clean. Compared to the greasy, poorly lit repair shops we are all too familiar with, Morrison's shines above all others. It has been my pleasure, as owner of JUST SMALL JOBS INC. to employ the services of Morrison's Auto-Rite for all my vehicles.

Carlos B. Icaza
Jamaica Plain, MA

I have been a loyal customer for 28 years. During that time, the kinds of cars that they worked on governed the kinds of cars I could buy, since I wouldn't ever go anywhere else...

They are thorough professionals. They do a job once, and they do it right. In addition, the human side of the interaction is always superb: they tell you exactly what is needed, cost the work out in advance, let you know how long the job will take, call if there are unexpected problems or delays, and do this all in a pleasant and courteous manner. And they will always go the extra mile for their customers. I remember once when I had a car that would lose power mysteriously (although never when it was being serviced), Fred went for a 200-mile ride with me one evening to see if he could feel it happen...

Finally, Morrison's Auto-Rite is a great neighborhood institution. It supports a number of JP activities, and it is personally warming to get a friendly wave, or hello, in passing. So- my wholehearted recommendation, to be good to yourself and to the JP neighborhood, is to use the services offered by Morrison's.

Vivian Unterweger
Jamaica Plain

We have been going to Morrison's for over 20 years -- and they have provided service for 7 cars. If it is possible to say that you love the people who fix your car like you love chocolate -- then we love Morrison's.

You make us feel safe -- that our car will not break down unexpectedly -- and none of them have in 20 years -- you make us feel that we are in control of our car instead of our car being in control of us. We trust you -- without reservation --for giving us accurate information about what our car needs, for fixing whatever needs fixing and for steering us in the right direction when it comes to making difficult decisions (no pun intended), such as whether to get rid of the car, whether to fix something, etc.

We always know that you will get the car back to us quickly, and if not, you will be sure to tell us that so that we can make alternate plans. You always call if there are repairs needed that we had not expected. We have never had to wait beyond the time you told us the car would be ready --

All of the people who have worked there during these last 20 years have been wonderful. Not only are the people extremely professional and courteous, they make us feel that bringing our car in is not like entering a world of strange unknowns. If you need to, you have even drawn us diagrams to explain what you are doing to the car.

Before we found Morrison's, going to get the car taken care of was a bit like going to the dentist -- now it is more like going to see a wonderful friend!!
Thanks for everything.

Pat and Lynn Freedman
Jamaica Plain

I have never encountered such professional service with my car. Everyone working at Morrison's is friendly, courteous and professional. They call with estimates, advice with honesty and they do what they say they're going to do. It's a pleasure to walk into Morrison's and I enthusiastically recommend them whenever the opportunity arises. They understand good customer service and go above and beyond. Rob (Morrison) even referred my business to one of his customers and she's been my customer for years now. Exceptional!

Scot Jones
Owner - Paws To Consider
Jamaica Plain

As you may know, I have been a more than satisfied customer for at least 22 years (my wife Ellen who introduced you all to me has been a customer for almost 23 years).

We appreciate in particular, the integrity of everyone in your organization. It goes without saying that we think your work is exceptional because your standards are high. We can't imagine "auto life" without Morrison's.

And I want you to know how I admire your ability to get through my questionable sense of humor, particularly at 8 in the morning--this especially goes for Fred!

What will we do when we get too old to drive, we will just walk over and hang out.

Larry Kaplan


Happened to have a low tire pressure light on in JP. Pulled over and asked for help. A gentleman recommended me here. They didn't hesitate to help. Honest and gracious people. Not enough just to say Thank you. I'll be out of my way, do myself a favor and give them business.

, 05/13/2022

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I visited Morrison's to have an engine leak test performed, hoping to find the source of a strong, persistent burning smell coming from my engine. I had attempted to resolve this problem at two other shops previously. Morrison's was able to correctly diagnose the issue, and have my car back to me the next day. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. They addressed several other problems while there, and got everything in my older Volvo up to snuff. I appreciate them for their great customer service and professionalism. I very much look forward to using them again in the future, and would recommend them.

, 05/10/2022

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Great service! They're so friendly and communicative and the prices are very fair.

, 05/02/2022


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